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"Minimal will always be in style''Donna Zhong

TimonAndre is an online store based in the Netherlands. The emporium was moulded from the emotional bond between minimalism and fashion.Less is more. True elegance is borne out of simplicity. Minimalism is not boring, it is the essence of beauty, highlighting our true-self through plainness and availing the uniqueness embedded in us.Our pieces are curated with you in mind. Focusing on timeless, finely detailed pieces that is functional to the wardrobe of the modern woman; whilst taking quality and affordability into consideration.


We started TimonAndre Fashion because we know how time-consuming and expensive it is to find and buy beautiful, characteristic garment that is timeless and unique. We decided to launch our online store and focus mainly on curating essential, classic pieces that is minimal, and at the same time elevate the wardrobe of the modern Woman. We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll love our collections as much as we do!

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Each product you find in our store is made from the finest materials, that are ethically sourced and carefully curated for lasting, exquisite designs. We work with designers , and suppliers that believe in our core values.Our apparel are made from Viscose, Cotton, Cashmere, Silk, Wool, Acetate, Acrylic and ethically sourced Polyester fabrics. Our Handbags are crafted from the finest Vegan, Split and Cowhide Leather materials.


We strive to have a positive impact on the people that we serve, and the environment. It is our moral obligations to work with designers and factories that shares in the same belief of ethically produced products. Our mission is to promote minimal fashion in a sustainable way.


We work with designers, and suppliers from around the world. At the moment we have warehouse locations in Europe, Turkey and Asia; This makes it possible for us to ship worldwide, and also source affordable pieces that are designed from quality materials with skills and top Craftmanship.


We believe in transparency to creating a more sustainable fashion industry. All our products are made by independent designers/suppliers, who must all sign our Supplier code of conduct, including requirements for good working conditions, fair wages and decent working hours. To promote a sustainable fashion industry, 60% of our products are made from certified, sustainable materials. Over 50% of the materials we use for our apparels contains 100% recycled materials. We produce/source our products from sustainable factories in US, Turkey, and China with the best technology. 98% of the water used in our factory in Asia is recycled and reused. Our goal is to contribute to zero waste.

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We are gradually introducing a pre-order system where some of our garments are made to order. This allows us to produce apparels in controlled quantities and ultimately limiting waste.

We handpick suppliers/designers who either have their own organic farms to produce the fabrics we use or we work with local farmers that practice biological farming. It is our hope that by 2025 "Timonandre" will go 100% sustainable, limiting our fashion foot print and fully supporting conscious fashion.


All our animal skin garments are produced by suppliers that works with farmers and herders who practice sustainable grazing, and are certified by the responsible wool standards, to protect the welfare of the Sheep,  and ultimately limiting carbon footprint on the environment. Becoming fully sustainable does not only entails selecting the right materials but also the actions we take towards implementing our goals. At "Timonandre" we are constantly seeking to improve and as part of the steps we are taking we are asking for your help, to support our goal of becoming 100% green; by choosing to pre-order your favourite item(s). In so doing you support us in creating a sustainable footprint, as we will only stock products in limited amount making the fashion industry more maintainable.